folk's not dead

by Joshua Stephens and Nobody Else



This is as folk-punk as I get. One feminist punk song on the ukulele and one song about self-doubt and self-destruction. Two song EP, under 3 minutes total.


released June 11, 2013

Album artwork features Joshua Stephens and Three Ninjas




Joshua Stephens Cleveland, Ohio

Indie folk and folk punk from the streets of Cleveland.

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Track Name: How to Write a Pop Song
Well, you can write songs about corgis or Konami Code
You can write songs that are so shocking and political
You can write songs about the people that you used to know
Me, I'll write a song about sex

I'll write about all the girls that I have ever laid
I'll be overt, over the top, 'cause sexism is a-okay
I'll write about all the money that I'll have when I get paid
For writing a hit song about sex

I'll demean women and I'll subtly encourage rape
Use metaphors like milkshakes and similes like shake-weights
I'll be the pop singer movie starlets all want to date
When I write a hit song about sex

To tell the truth about myself, I'm really not that prude
I just don't think we should all be so misogynistic like we're all some bro-dudes
But I'll compromise for money, 'cause I'll have something to sell to you
When I write a hit song about sex.
Track Name: This Is as Folk Punk as I Get (demo)
I was never good at first impressions
And I'm not that great at second ones either
But I hope I make a good impression, or at least
That I get another chance to

'Cause it's not like I lack the self-confidence
To get up and talk to a girl
It's that I lack self-awareness and I lack self-control
And only self-destruct when things are going good
I always self-destruct when things are going good.